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The United States of America is epic in every sense of the word, and the sheer variety of landscapes, experiences and cultures within its borders would take a lifetime to even scratch the surface of. 

Whether it's the enduring appeal of cities like Miami, New York and Las Vegas, the awe-inspiring Great Lakes (each as big as a country and visible from space) or the great plains of the South – the United States has a destination to match your desires.

For many, it is these famous cities which are their first experience of America, with the global home of capitalism and consumerism in New York providing ample entertainment, adventure and shopping for the visitor. Las Vegas is well-known as the world capital of gambling, drinking and partying and often results in many a great (or sorry) holiday tale. Other famous cities like San Francisco and Miami offer an equally vibrant but slightly slower pace of life, which some prefer.

The United States for all its urban appeal has a bewildering selection of natural wonders across its vast area. With over 60 vast National Parks including; 

Yellowstone National Park – the world's first National Park and best known for its forests, bison, bears and geysers is a popular place to go off-grid and experience life in the wilderness.

Grand Canyon National Park – located in Arizona this park contains the Grand Canyon from which it gets its name; a network of valleys and canyons too big to appreciate without experiencing.

Zion National Park – another park famous for its forests and vibrant red canyons and another great choice for campers, climbers and walking alpine trails.

Again, we make mention of only a few, but there are many other notable sights in the United States such as; the thundering Niagara Falls, the beaches of Hawaii and the Pacific coast, or the carnivals of New Orleans.

The United States is of comparable size to Europe, and each state differs hugely, so it's generally too much to try and discover in a single trip. Whilst a dream for many a traveller is to take a road trip across the United States, the great American road trip is not the only way to explore the country. The United States has an excellent network of domestic and international flights and a myriad of destinations which can be enjoyed on their own.

The best way to discover the United States is with time and patience – and our advice to you is to start as soon as you can – and take in as much of it as possible.

United States

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