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The Ten Most Visited Cities In The World

Ever wondered which cities are the most visited in the world? Perhaps you need some help choosing your next holiday or city break! In any case, we have ranked the worlds most visited cities for you.

To avoid any doubt (or arguments) the data used to create this ranking defines a visit as a person who stayed at least one night.

Top 3 Most Visited Cities

1. Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world with almost 23 million visitors each year. Visitors spend an average of 5 nights here, and it's no doubt due to its excellent weather, regular flights and vibrant culture.

Bangkok is also the ideal gateway to the country's infamously beautiful beaches, rainforests and world-class scuba diving.

2. Paris, France

In second place with over 19 million visitors a year is Paris in France. Paris is a city that offers something for everyone; world-class dining in its many amazing restaurants, its reputation as the capital of romance and love or cultural sights like the Louvre — home of the Mona Lisa — and the majestic Eiffel Tower.

Paris makes for a fantastic (and expensive) city break that is well-worth a look, and with its location in the heart of Europe is easily reached for many by plane, train or even car.

3. London, England

London is the third most visited city in the world, and as the heartbeat of the United Kingdom this comes as no surprise.

As an important commercial and financial center London attracts a huge volume of business travel. Whilst landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, and cultural destinations like the world-renowned Harrods department store, Oxford Street, Mayfair attract shoppers and diners from across the globe.

All of this coupled in a safe, well-connected destination make London a desirable destination for visitors from around the world — all keen to enjoy a classy Afternoon Tea or a leisurely trip to a traditional British pub.

Top 10 Most Visited Cities

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